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  • With each generation since its debut in 2015, the Apple Watch continues to become more powerful. It can accomplish a growing number of tasks without the help of an iPhone. Apple’s wearable can control a smart home, pay for purchases, track exercise, (...)

    » Read moreJuly 18, 2019
  • RAM is the short-term memory of your computer. It’s where your computer keeps track of the programs and data you’re using right now. You probably already know that more RAM is better, but maybe you’re looking to install more RAM now. Shopping for (...)

    » Read moreJuly 18, 2019
  • Every Instagram influencer wants more likes and more followers. But it’s just as important to retain your current followers. Which may have left you wondering, “Who unfollowed me?” So how can you see who unfollowed you on Instagram? Instagram doesn’t (...)

    » Read moreJuly 18, 2019
  • While ads are a necessary part of the internet, not all advertisements are created equal. One of the most common kinds of fake ads are “download” buttons that don’t lead to the software you were looking for. These ads masquerading as download buttons (...)

    » Read moreJuly 18, 2019
  • Podcasts are the perfect way to learn new things, hear interesting stories, or just have a laugh. You’ve probably listened to at least one by now, but have your kids listened to any podcasts? To help them get started, these are the best podcasts for (...)

    » Read moreJuly 18, 2019
  • Your phone’s speaker grill is exposed to the world and all its debris all the time, even if it’s in a case. While your phone is built to withstand these environments, it doesn’t always hold up well against dust. That often results in muffled sound (...)

    » Read moreJuly 18, 2019
  • You can’t go anywhere in Microsoft Excel without using this humble little box. But where is the Name Box in Excel? It lies right next to the formula bar in a worksheet and displays the address of the selected cell or an object. But that’s just the (...)

    » Read moreJuly 18, 2019

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